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28 Dec 2012

Perak Lane Fish Head Beehoon, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 28 DECEMBER 2012
This stall is located at Perak Lane. They only open at night, so if you’re driving along Perak Lane and you see a stall with lots of people, that’s the stall!!! This shop has been run by 3 generations of the family.

Fish Head Beehoon Soup (hoo tau beehoon), Pork Porridge (bak moi with minced meat, kidneys, liver, intestines, brains and all), Fish Broth or Noodles (hoo moi or hoo beehoon/mee suar using garoupa or tow tay meat), Crab Broth (chim moi), Frog Broth (chooi kay moi)
Fried Fish Meat Bee Hun, deep fried fish meat slice with delicious Bee Hoon and clear soup. Fish meat is fresh and crispy while the soup again is refreshing and delicious, deep fried fish meat added minor deep fried fragrance into the soup, which make it taste even better.

Perak Lane Fish Head Bee Hoon
6, Lorong Perak, Penang, 11600, Penang Malaysia
Closed on Sunday


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