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15 Dec 2012

By the Sea- Penang

Penang [檳城] • 15 DECEMBER 2012
I am a lover of nature. I love watching God's beautiful creation & find it awesome, amazing, inspiring & refreshing. The very thought of it brings peace & serenity to my very being & I could use a lot many more adjectives to describe the beauty of nature - the wonderful creation of God.

Every morning I stand by my window & admire the clear sky, the birds flying about, the squirrels climbing up the bark of the trees & the trees swaying in the breeze. The chirping sound of birds & the bright sunshine cheers my spirit. Often I see birds flying to & fro busy working at their nests, carrying small sticks & twigs in their tiny beaks. They seem so happy & carefree. I am sure God intended for us to live happy & carefree lives & enjoy His creation. But somewhere down the line we have busied our self with our work trying to keep pace with the ever increasing demands of the world. I feel a great sense of peace & calm when I look at the sky in the night & marvel at the bright moon & the countless stars twinkling in the sky.

I also enjoy going to the beach. It is so relaxing to watch the water form little ripples & also the huge waves lashing against the shores during high tides. As I walk along the beach I pick up beautiful shells & periwinkles of different shapes & shades.  I was attracted to the beach & walked on the sand picking shells one better than the other. Since the tide was low I was drawn further into the sea when I found my feet sinking into the sand & noticed a sign board that warned people not to venture into the sand at low tide as many people had been sucked into these treacherous sinking sands & lost their lives. 

There is a saying in Penang, no matter where you go, the sea is just a short drive away. This holds true for the magical charms of being by the sea. Perhaps it is the drive to Queensbay with every picturesque turn on the coastal road echoing the crashing waves washing away the shore. Perhaps it was the sense of adventure, perhaps it was the promise of fun, perhaps it is everything that being By The Sea .


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