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20 Nov 2012

Sakae Sushi @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 20 NOVEMBER 2012
Most speak of love, but only one man bestowed the most enchanting of odes to his wife.
It all started in 1997 in Singapore, when having fine Japanese cuisine and fresh sushi meant spending top dollars. He noticed that his wife, an avid fan of Japanese food, was always dining consciously at such restaurants for fear of incurring an exorbitant bill.
And so the ode began. Motivated to make his wife’s sushi dining experience unique, fulfilling and carefree, he founded Sakae Sushi, a trendy restaurant haven where she, along with every Japanese food enthusiast, could enjoy the freshest, inexpensive Japanese savouries without a worry about cost. 

Teriyaki Salmon Set @ RM 12.90
Like his love for his wife, nothing about Sakae Sushi is ordinary. From the sushi conveyor belt, its consistently-delicious delectables on the colourful plates, attractive presentation and portions, Sakae Sushi appeals to the budget-conscious, the fresh-food follower, and the stylish sushi connoisseur. Even today’s iGeneration find it hard to resist as every Sakae Sushi is fitted with emergent technologies like our Interactive Menu.

Today, Sakae Sushi has grown into a global chain of more than 50 outlets throughout Asia and beyond, serving over 200 varieties of delectables of sushi, sashimi and many others. Its economical price, ever-changing menu, endearing staff and ambiance ensure that this fairytale dining experience will never be short of fans’ accolades.
So who says kissing the frog can’t get you a piece of your fairytale dream!

What’s the story behind this cute little frog that has been making footprints around the world?
More than just a logo, it was carefully thought through and designed so that whenever people think of eating sushi, they’ll think of ‘Sakae’.  Pronounced as ‘Sa – ka – ae”, the word “Sakae” means growth in Japanese.  It is also chosen as it sounds like ‘Sake’, the traditional Japanese wine well loved by many in the world. 
The Frog symbolises a brand that is far sighted and poised to grow by leaps and bounds. Its smile indicates a friendly company, welcoming all. It also characterizes the friendly service staff fronting our restaurants ensuring that all our guests and customers enjoy their meals and leave the restaurants happy.

Our Asian heritage is reflected through the lower body of the frog that is reminiscent of a Chinese gold ingot, and a bowl filled with rice. The Chinese Character “荣” means growth. The frog’s head and belly also symbolises the number “8” an auspicious number that means ‘luck’. Being a public listed company, we want all the forces to be with us as we try our best to bring health to our customers and wealth to our shareholders. 

As a whole, we bring together different functions of the organizations – the strategists (symbolized by the eyes) and the operations and support staff (symbolized by the hands and legs) – to work as ONE big family and achieve our common goal of Think Sushi, Think Sakae.
Last but not least, the logo symbol and Sakae Sushi set in a refreshing  green, is synonymous with growth and health.A hit among Japanese food lovers, Sakae Sushi offers a delectable variety of quality Japanese specialties served in an enjoyable dining environment. An international chain with over 70 outlets in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, Sakae’s green frog logo has become a familiar, welcome sight synonymous with a fun-filled, value-for-money dining experience.
Here, diners can take their pick from sushi, sashimi, yakimono, nabemono, tempura, Japanese noodles (ramen, soba and udon), Ojyu, and Teishoku and more. To safeguard the highest standards of freshness and quality, Sakae Sushi sources ingredients from top suppliers around the world and maintains stringent food safety and hygiene standards. One must-try selection is Sakae’s salmon range, made with premium air-flown Atlantic salmon. In addition, our sushi rice is enriched with Vitamin E to provide added health benefits. 

In line with our orientation towards a lifestyle dining experience, Sakae Sushi constantly leverages on the use of technology. For unparalleled convenience and innovation, Sakae Sushi boasts the first-of-its-kind iPad interactive menu system, touted as the fastest food ordering system that allows customers to order their favourite dishes directly from the kitchen while keeping tab on their bill easily. For freshly steeped tea anytime, customers can just use the unique piped in hot water taps built into each table. Initiated by Sakae, these handy features to promise a whole new level of interactivity and customer satisfaction.
Truly, it all adds up to a fun and value-for-money dining experience. Quality, innovation and enjoyment – these are indeed the hallmarks of the brand and lasting impressions that Sakae Sushi desires every customer to leave with.

Chicken Katsu Set @ RM11.90

All Sets come with  Chinmi & Genmai Tea

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