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6 Oct 2012

Sweet Peanut Soup (花生仁汤), Penang

Penang [檳城] • 06 OCTOBER 2012
Today when I actually sat down and ate it, I couldn't get enough! (very hard to find these days). My Aunt always cook this for me when I was small. Normally after dinner , my friends and I will loved having tong sui (糖水), or literally means “sugar water” as our dessert. 
Almost every night, my friends and I will look out for dessert stall. So many years later, the same vendor is still selling at the same spot, with the best and most decadent sweet peanut soup and other tong sui in Penang. It’s my favorite dessert, one that I could have every night whenever I go home to Penang, and one that I always crave whenever I feel like having something sweet.

You need only a few ingredients: peanuts, water, and rock sugar. Make sure the peanut is soft and serve while it's hot.


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