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29 Oct 2012

Have you flown Air Asia before?

Penang [檳城] • 29 OCTOBER 2012
One of the biggest costs of travel are your flights. Flying is not cheap, and so as a result prevents many people from having that much craved for travel experience.
The cost of flights is an especially important consideration for those who travel with children.
Flights are usually long, uncomfortable and unmemorable- the main focus of your travels is to be able to spend money on those experiences that provide you with deep and long lasting memories.

This is why, when we trave,l we like to look at what areas we can cut back our spending on, in order to have the option to spend more money on those memories.
Ways we do this is by eating with the locals, catching public transport, staying in cheaper accommodation or by finding cheap flights.
Air Asia  is a low cost carrier airline helping all people to fly.

Air Asia, one of the largest and most respected budget airlines in the world, was created 10 years ago with the desire to make air travel more affordable and accessible to everyone.
Air Asia allows passengers to personalize their travels with options like choosing their own meals and seats and up-sized baggage which helps to reduce the cost of the original ticket.
Air Asia originally started with short haul flights of four hours or less. Flights longer than this now operate under the Air Asia X label. There are certain things you need to be aware of in order to prepare yourself for a comfortable experience.

I found the seats comfortable and surprisingly roomy.
The width of the seat was quite thin, but there was enough leg room, even my metre long legs could stretch out and did not feel as cramped as I have before on other airlines.
Air Asia has hot seats you can pre-purchase which are those that have the extra leg room.
They also have a premium economy section you can pay more for. That is where you are going to find sleeping beds, warm meals, and full service.

Food and Drink
Meals need to be pre-purchased, or else you may run the risk of them running out should you wish to purchase on board. Our flight was eight hours so this was really needed.
If your flight is shorter you may not want to worry about it. Meals are small and only come out as the main dish, there is no added desert or salads. You can buy snacks that are reasonably priced.

Comfort Packs
A comfort pack which includes a pillow, blanket, and eye wear can also be pre-purchased. I found this to come in handy for our long flight as I found the air con really cold and needed to get some sleep as we were on an overnight fight. The blankets sure came in handy on our 6 hour 
First and foremost, the thing to keep in mind when travelling on Air Asia is that it is a NO FRILLS BUDGET AIRLINES. Period. If you are the type of traveler who is just interested in reaching from point A to B with minimum fanfare and willing to sacrifice luxury in exchange for very low fares, then these are the Airlines to go for. I for more, am more interested in spending my hard earned money on my vacation itself, experiencing the different foods and culture a vacation spot has to offer, rather than going overboard with my airfare or hotel bills. So if you are someone with a similar mindset, then you’ll have no problems with Air Asia. 


As the name implies, a budget or low-cost carrier is an airline that usually has lower fares and lessor comforts. Such airlines usually charge the passenger solely for the ticket (for travelling on the airlines) with a minimal baggage weight (usually 7 kg hand luggage). If the passenger wants additional facilities, such as increasing baggage capacity, in-flight food, pre-selected seating arrangements, priority boarding, etc., then additional charges shall apply. Similarly, Air Asia charges an upfront amount for travelling to a destination which includes 7 kg hand luggage within the air fare, and charges extra for more baggage, in-flight food and pre-selected seating arrangements.

From time to time, I hear people be-moaning that “Oh, budget airways do not provide in-flight food” or “Oh, the seating arrangements are not certain and you may be separated from your group”, or other statements of that sort. However, I personally love the level of flexibility provided by such budget airways. Budget airways such as Air Asia provide the traveler with the choice. YOU get to decide on the amount of your luggage capacity and get to pay accordingly. YOU get to decide which food to eat (or NOT to eat at all) by selecting from the menu online prior to flight or even during flight. So ultimately, in my opinion, you, the traveler, is empowered and are in control of the amount you spend! When compared with other luxury airlines, such as Emirates, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, etc., you only have to pay about HALF or even less when travelling on a budget airline!

To find out more about AirAsia : Airasia


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