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9 Oct 2012

Dome Cafe @ Straits Quay , Penang

Penang [檳城] • 09 OCTOBER 2012
Oh yeah… finally I get a chance to go Straits Quay. We decided to adjourn to The Dome. Dome are well renowned for coffees, which are made from 100% Arabica beans that are selected and roasted to perfection by our master roaster. 

Tomato Soup 
Classica style made with loads of fresh tomatoes and herbs topped with croutons. Served with fresh baguette slices.
They are intensely flavoured and aromatic and have been critically acclaimed as the world’s finest. To accompany Dome selection of coffees, their menu also comprises of gourmet foods and cakes. 

Mushroom soup -Rich and creamy, filled with mushrooms and topped with croutons. Served with fresh crusty bread.

Dome's special Caesar - sliced beef rasher, shaved parmesan, cos lettuce, croutons and classic Caesar dressing. 

Dome Cafe originated in Perth, Western Australia, pioneered the cafe culture in Kuala Lumpur. Dome Cafe captures the social ambience of the old-world European coffee-houses and modern day coffee culture in its classical surroundings of domed ceilings, wooden and brass materials. Along with its worldwide coffee blends and hearty cuisine.

Spicy Olio Pasta- Your choice of spaghetti or linguini tossed with fresh herbs, garlic, chilli flakes, red capsicum, spinach, parsley and zucchini. Served with your choice of beef rasher or sliced chicken ham. Vegetarian is also an option. I choosed- chicken ham instead.

Certain item taste pretty good but it price slightly pricey.

Dome Cafe @ Straits Quay
Add: 3A-G-13, Blk A, Groung Floor
10470 Tanjung Tokong, Penang.
Tel: 04 - 891 8988


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