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24 Oct 2012

Burger King @ Promenade 28, Penang

Penang [檳城] • 24 OCTOBER 2012
Burger King is the place to come for great tasting burgers, “JUST THE WAY YOU LIKE THEM”.
Eating Fast Food seems to be an unwritten rule of the road. Whether for convenience, low cost, or other reasons, my experience indicates that more people eat fast food during their travels than would do so on a normal basis.

Throughout the United States, McDonald's and Burger King are often found in close proximity to one another . . . at the same exits on the interstate, across the street, down the road, or around the corner from each other. Each has there own versions of burger chiefs in the McDonald's Big Mac or the BK Whopper. For breakfast, you can choose the McDonald's McMuffin or the BK Croissan'wich. Operating at very similar locations, each restaurant chain has created slightly differing choices of menu items which are very similar, yet ultimately so different.

So, which fast food giant truly rules the road? 

Currently  Burger King Restaurant's hottest deal all day, everyday for only RM5.95 along with drinks & french fries !!!

Burgers offered:
Whopper Jr. RM10.95 RM5.95
Mushroom Swiss RM12.95 RM5.95
Spicy chick N Crisp RM9.95 RM5.95
Grilled Chicken RM13.95 RM5.95
* Comes with Medium Set
(So for the time being I shall go for Burger King)

Location : Burger King, Promenade 28, Penang


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