21 December 2014

Las Palomas Buffet & Tapas , Zaragoza

After a city tour of Zaragoza, our group were taken to this restaurant.
We settled for this tapas bar and we never regretted it. If you are extremely hungry, go for it! The location is really good, right off the main plaza on one of the main streets through the old city. 

18 December 2014

Set Lunch Harvest Times Cafe @ Irrawaddy Road, Penang!

Popped in for lunch its our first time to Harvest Times and we love the set lunch. We were welcomed as soon as we entered and invited to select any table we wished. The staff were very welcoming and friendly.

15 December 2014

Jessie Yong Homebake Cake Order

30 Cream puff - RM10

We are so happy to order and collect from Jessie Yong her delicious cream puff and swiss roll. We are excited to share it with you today her homemade cream puffs which will WOW your guests as mouthwatering and delicious as it is beautiful and you will absolutely finish the whole box in 5 minutes.  

13 December 2014

Boqueria Market , Barcelona Spain

Whenever we travel we always love to visit the market and this is definitely a market that one must not miss! You must visit the most famous market in Barcelona and bring along your camera. We used the Nikon D7000 our favourite camera and lens. 

12 December 2014

798 Art Zone Beijing Part 5, Beijing

798 Art Zone
Tour starts from 798 Art Zone, a perfect hangout for art fans. Take any bus that stops at Dashanzi station and there you will find the 798 Art Zone. The original 798 was a state-owned industrial plant established in the 1950s. 

9 December 2014

Remove isearch.omiga-plus.com

WinRAR is a powerful compression tool with many integrated additional functions to help you organize your compressed archives and its free. It prompt me to update to the latest WinRAR Version and I did. After updating isearch.omiga-plus.com became my default browser. 

7 December 2014

Transfer Line Account to your new device

If I changed my handphone can we still use LINE. That is the most frequent questions. The answer is "Yes". The most important thing you must remember to register your email address and remember your password. 

5 December 2014

Sanuk,Fitflop,Kickers,Sale @ Straits Quay Penang 4 – 7 Dec 2014

Sanuk is my favourite brand because its very comfortable and stylist. So, what is it about Sanuk shoes that made me a fan of buying the sandals. Wearing them make me feel like a fairy because its so light , flat and affordable. Its the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn. 

2 December 2014

Yokohama Chinatown Part 2, Japan

Yokohama Chinatown is the largest Chinatown not only in Japan (there are two other Chinatowns in Japan in Kobe and Nagasaki) but also in Asia, and it is one of the largest in the world. 

30 November 2014

Penang Lor Bak Kampung Malabar, Penang

Going strong: Siew Chuan said his grand uncle started the lor bak business 70 years ago.
Penang Lok Bak is one of those dishes which had intrigued me for the longest time. Loh bak is made with marinated pork in Chinese five-spice powder and then rolled up with bean curd skin. Do you like it? 

27 November 2014

icdrama how to download english subtitles ?

Most of us would like to watch all films with subtitles, even if the film is in English. Does anyone feels the same? Some people might find it distracting, but I find it makes it easier to keep track of all the dialogue, especially when the film's sound quality isn't great or if the actors have accents. Some people don't understand Cantonese, Korean or Japanese and with the English subtitles it helps us to understand the movie better.

24 November 2014

Pan Mee I Mum Mum @ All Seasons Place, Penang

Dining with a plate of hot pan mee. It was a wonderful drive from the bustling traffic of the busy intersection of Jalan Air Itam to reach All Seasons Place to enjoy the delicious plate of pan mee.

23 November 2014

Customise your own logo for $2

Logo design is everywhere. To have a logo in your photos it serves as a trademark of your work. It also helps to identify your company and products. That is why having an attractive logo design to identify our website is very important. People can easily recognize your blog because of the attractive logo. So how do we create something fast and attractive?

22 November 2014

Cuttlefish Kangkong @ Joo Leong Cafe Sg Tiram , Penang

There are not many stalls selling cuttlefish kangkong now in Penang. Yet I managed to find a very simple and clean stall selling cuttlefish and kang kong (water spinach or leafy vegetable). 

19 November 2014

Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution Part 1, Beijing

The Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution is a fascinating museum to visit if you are interesting in military. Also it is a great place to get a political and historical education of China.

17 November 2014

Hakata Ippudou Ramen - The Best of Fukuoka’s Ramen , Japan

Hakata Ippudou ramen is considered one of Japan's top three styles of ramen (along with Tokyo and Sapporo). The ramen of northern Kyushu, more specifically, of Hakata and Kumamoto, are what originally put "Kyushu ramen" on the map. 

13 November 2014

Canton-i at Gurney Paragon, Penang

Canton-i, the second brand under the Dragon-i group, has established itself as the place to be for an authentic taste of Hong Kong style noodles jumbo shrimp wontons, succulent roast duck and barbecued meats, silky smooth congee, melt-in-the-mouth egg tarts and a wide selection of dim sums and desserts hand-made by chefs from Hong Kong and Guangzhou.   

One of the best ways to distinguish a great Cantonese place – hanging meats in the front window.

10 November 2014

Yokohama to Kamakura by Train , Japan

Japan is well known for its supreme train network. In Tokyo, nearly half of all commuters travel by train, compared to transport like cycling, buses and private transport. Those who have experience travelling on Japanese trains should have stories to tell. We love the punctuality, the speed and the cleanliness of the trains. 

7 November 2014

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

WiX HD Video Converter Deluxe, all-in-one video software as an HD video converter, slideshow maker, video editor and YouTube video downloader, gives you an ultimate control over video files.

6 November 2014

Sushi King - Queensbay Mall, Penang

It was definitely a fun experience--keeping a hawk eye on the conveyor belt to see if anything interested me, trying to grab it before the table in front of me grabbed it.

3 November 2014

Mugshot Cafe @ Chulia Street, Penang

Best Coffee and Best Bagel go where? MugShot Cafe they serve warm and inviting coffee with fresh baked breads,yoghurts, and bagels prepared by hand every day in Chulia Street, Penang. The Rainforest Bakery just next to their own Mugshot Cafe. 

31 October 2014

El mano zaragoza frutas de aragon, Zaragoza

This beautiful district offers a wide variety of small shops, making the street a welcoming, safe and fun place that is ideal for strolling through. This is the city at its most livable. 

29 October 2014

LINE PokoPoko

Are you ready for the latest LINE GAME , LINE PokoPoko. Boni and all your favorite friends from the popular LINE Pokopang game are back. 

26 October 2014

Honeymoon Dessert @ Silver Plaza Shop Dongzhimeng Street, Beijing

Mango in Vanilla Sauce with Thai Black Glutinous Rice

Honeymoon Dessert, I love the name of the dessert shop. The large variety of desserts are available here, there are so many choices for you to choose. Welcome to the world of warm and cold deserts

23 October 2014

Dave's Deli Queensbay, Penang

If you love Dave's Deli you must know the history behind it! It has been operation in Malaysia for a long time. They created the tasty brown sauce that all Malaysians love to have over their pies, chicken and mash potatoes. 

20 October 2014

Summer Dessert Bakery All Seasons Place in Air Itam ,Penang

My favorite here is actually the pretty pretty princess.

One of our enjoyments in life is to try a sampling from each bakery across Penang. What is your favourite bakery list ? Let's just say, if you love cakes, bread....do drop by at Dessert Bakery in All Seasons Place , Air Itam Penang.

18 October 2014

5 Quick Tips for Saving Battery Android

In this article, we are going to share with you some best ways to saving android battery life

17 October 2014

LAZADA : Affiliate Program Malaysia

If you are interested to earn some pocket money join Lazada Affiliate Program. Its the Biggest Online Store, with more than 30,000 products available! They have wide range of products such as electronics, home appliances, health & beauty, toys & babies, books and many more 
are accessible to customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

14 October 2014

Yokohama Chinatown Part 1, Japan

Yokohama Chinatown was founded in 1859 when Japan was opened to foreign trade. When the Chinese migrants arrived they established the traditional social institutions such as temples, clan associations and later schools. 

12 October 2014

10 October 2014

Fruuze Frozen Yogurt @ Straits Quay, Penang

Look at the cup they give you for your yogurt, yummy!

What do you want during a hot day ? Frozen yogurt is the coolest dessert to be eating this summer . Frozen yogurt is a refreshing, tangy dessert that combines the flavors and textures of ice cream and sherbet. Frozen yogurt is a relative new-comer in the dessert market.

7 October 2014

Township Game

Township by Playrix offers you a chance to build your very own town. Construct houses to increase population in your township. Gather in crops and run processing factories to earn money for further developing your township. Build cafes and cinemas for fostering social life. 

5 October 2014

Kacang putih outside Sunshine Square, Penang

Kacang Putih has always been on of the many famous malaysian snacks. Nowadays is hard to find Uncle selling kacang putih. Luckily we found him in Bayan Baru just outside Sunshine Square. 

3 October 2014

How to activate Windows 7 , 30 days trial

I have 27 days left on my trial period. However, I get as pop up requesting that I activate. Should I do something about it? After installing windows 7, you will have 30 days trial after which you will have to activate windows 7. 

2 October 2014

Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen @ Tingkat Mahsuri ,Penang

Lotus Rice RM 7

Lotus Rice is a very popular dim sum dish served during yum cha hours. We are surprised to come across one served in Lily's Vegetarian restaurant. So we decided to order it. It’s basically sticky rice (which is also known as glutinous or sweet rice) with a savory filling wrapped in a lotus leaf and then steamed. The lotus leaf imparts a fragrant, delicate flavor to the rice. 

29 September 2014

Kong Th’ng Ang Seng Heong @ Northam Beach Cafe ,Penang

What was your favourite snack when you were a child? Have you heard of Kong Th’ng, Kacang Tumbuk or Peanut Candy. Kong Th’ng is one of my favourite snacks. When was the last time you had Kong Th'ng?

26 September 2014

Samurai Siege on the App and Android, Game

Samurai Siege is one of the most popular new MMO strategy games for Android and iOS devices available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Build your village from scratch and train powerful armies. Raid other villages, take part in alliance wars, upgrade your village and troops, and ultimately make your way into the top 10 players in the world!

23 September 2014

Las Ramblas, Barcelona

Las Ramblas most famous street. It is divided in five sections. Rambla Canaletes, Rambla dels Estudis, also called La Rambla dels Ocells ( Avenue of the Birds) as it used to be a traditional site of a bird market. Rambla de Sant Josep it is also well-known as the Rambla de les Flors (Rambla of the Flowers).
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